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picto_testimonialsOur warmest thanks to those of our customers who agreed to testify and share their experience with our other customers. 
Most of our case studies are in French.


EBU's small IT team was faced with a challenge: they needed to control and manage all external devices accessing the corporate network and block suspect behaviours without reducing productivity, while at the same time monitoring the whole IT infrastructure's security level on a continuous basis. Read how they achieved this.


Case study (in French) : Protéger ses ressources IT grâce au contrôle d'accès réseau (NAC)

Retraites Populaires wanted to control the way the company's numerous visitors connect to network resources. The objectives were to now at all times what devices were connected to the network, make sure these complied with the company regulations and be able to block unwanted devices if necessary. 

Read how Retraites Populaires achieved all this and even got useful additional  functionalities into the bargain.

pdfCase study (in French) : Visibilité et contrôle en temps réel de tous les éléments du réseau

Implementing efficient URL filtering in order to protect users from dangerous or dubious web sites is relatively easy. However, applying the same set of rules to BOTH fixed and mobile users without heavy material constraints is much more complicated. Read how Redcats Suisse SA solved this problem to satisfaction.

pdfCase study (in French) : Sécurité d'accès à internet pour utilisateurs fixes et nomades

GLOBAZ SA implemented a solution that can control bandwidth use, automatically classify and measure network applications while providing quality of service to the customers of its data center.

pdf Case study (in French) : Gérer et optimiser l'utilisation de la bande passante

Read how a Private Bank in Geneva implemented privileged session management and recording, in view of controlling when and to what purpose each privileged user accesses critical resources

pdf Case study (in French): La traçabilité des accès privilégiés aux infrastructures

pdf Case study (in English): Traceability and control of privileged access to infrastructures

A Private Bank in Geneva could compensate a reduction in IT resources and improve quality of service by optimising remote applications and data exchange.

pdf Case study (in French): Améliorer le temps de réponse des applications distantes

By virtualising their firewall infrastructure, a Private Bank in Geneva could both optimise the management of their infrastructure and reduce their costs.

pdf Case study (in French): Simplifier la gestion et optimiser les coûts grâce au firewall virtuel

Read how DSG found a solution to better organise the exchange of large, sensitive files that are too big for the average mailbox - while at the same time making life easier for the users.

pdf Case study (in French): Gestion efficace et sécurisée des transferts de fichiers

An encryption and authentication solution helped NagraID secure their mobile devices, thus protecting company data from external access and effectively blocking unwanted data from entering the company.

pdf Case study (in French): Sécurisation intégrale des supports de données mobiles

A security awareness training course helped EOS employees understand the importance of IT security in its day-to-day application.

pdf Case study (in French): Cours de sensibilisation à la sécurité de l'information

Read how a log file management solution helped EBU enhance their proactive management of security.

pdfCase study (in French): Gestion, corrélation et stockage des fichiers logs

In this interview, Damart explains why security is a core element of their IT department's activities, and how a trustworthy partner can make a difference.

pdf Case study (in French): Une vision sécuritaire des systèmes dans leur ensemble


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