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Navixia SA is a Swiss company specializing in the field of information security. It was founded in 2005 by a committed group of partners, all senior security specialists with a long-standing work experience both in multinationals and in smaller companies.

As a company, we have a strong asset. The collective expertise and experience of our team is such that it would normally be found only in a very large organisation. We, however, have all the advantages of a small and reactive structure, which alone can answer the needs of its customers in an individual, flexible and efficient way.

  • Experience: each partner has 10 to 20 years’ experience in the most important aspects of security.

  • Know-How: Navixia can rely on a team of senior professionals, all with a long-standing experience in their respective field of activity. All of them have a personal knowledge of each of their customers and their requirements.
  • Reputation: even competitors recognize our specialists as experts in their field. Customers can also testify as to their professional and efficient approach.

  • Individual approach: the essence of security problems has changed a lot in recent years. We answer the needs of each customer individually and rapidly. There are no ready-made solutions. We offer the best approach to suit YOUR needs and YOUR budget.

  • Flexibility: as a small and reactive structure, we respond quickly and efficiently, without administrative and organizational delays that can be found in a larger company.

  • Innovation:we constantly monitor the market for technological advances enabling our team to select the most innovative and relevant solutions at all times.

  • Training: we make sure our customers are fully aware of all risks related to the use of their IT infrastructure and we train them on every solution we implement, from the end-users to those who are responsible of the infrastructure.

  • Independence: our solutions are selected neutrally, based only on your specific requirements and regardless of any supplier, brand or external influence.

  • Commitment: we are totally committed to our customers’ satisfaction.

The field of IT security is so extensive that we could almost name one competitor for each sub-domain of our activity.

Our strength, at Navixia, is to possess an experience extensive enough to master all of these sub-domains ourselves.

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