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DiagnoPhishTrain your users to resist phishing and anticipate security risks. Teach them to deflect threats. Monitor their learning process. Achieve this with DiagnoPhish, the fun and user-friendly Swiss security awareness tool.

Many successful attacks today rely either on social engineering (phishing, for example) or on the user's ignorance of risks. This is a serious threat to your company's overall security.

But you can prevent it - if you train your users to recognise malicious emails and understand IT risks. Users should learn to pause and check before taking any action that might prove dangerous.

DiagnoPhish, our Swiss security awareness tool, enables you to raise user awareness, monitor how employees progress over time and take corrective action where necessary, which will ensure vastly improved overall security.

DiagnoPhish allows you to challenge your users with pseudo-phishing campaigns and fun security awareness quizzes on key security areas. Both approaches are designed to be managed and monitored by you without external intervention:

Pseudo-phishing campaigns

Simply choose a topic from our ready-made templates, select recipients, send. 
See if your users detected the risk or fell into the trap, and if so what they did.

Security quizzes

DiagnoPhish provides ready-made quizzes about key areas of security. However you can also design personalised quizzes to match your exact requirements by picking from a wide selection of questions. All key areas of security are dealt with: social networks, internet usage, phishing, mobile devices, Wi-Fi usage, passwords, incident detection, etc...

Fun: The best way to teach users about security is to let them discover, in a fun way, just where the risks are. Such an approach is not only highly efficient, it also creates buzz around IT security within the company. 

Efficient: DiagnoPhish's dashboard lets you monitor, both real time and long term, how users respond to training. This will enable you to devise corrective actions on a person-by-person basis when spotting vulnerable behaviours. By repeating the process regularly, you will notice marked improvements in user behaviour. 

Practical: No need to upset everyone's working schedule to make sure they can attend a class-type awareness session: DiagnoPhish activities take only a few minutes at a time and users can complete them from their own workstations.The contents are available in English and French.

DiagnoPhish is developed and hosted in Switzerland and provides the highest security standards of data protection. Your data is stored in Switzerland, in encrypted form, on a highly secure server - and it stays there. It is kept on your personal platform for your exclusive use only, without any intervention on our part. Navixia takes every possible precaution to ensure that your data is secure.

DiagnoPhish Self Awareness

Train your users to resist security risks!

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Demo: www.diagnophish.ch

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