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Security Assessments by NavixiaA company should be aware of the actual level of exposure to potential intrusions into its IT infrastructure - from the outside or from the inside of the company.

This is why Navixia proposes security audits that draw a precise map of potential risks seen from various angles.

External Security AuditAn External Security Audit will ascertain if your company is vulnerable to attacks coming from the internet and the outside world.

It will draw a precise map of potential vulnerabilities, assess the implications of such vulnerabilities, and propose appropriate solutions to mend the potential gaps. 

The Navixia Team puts their extensive experience of such interventions at your service.

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Internal Security Audit by NavixiaSuch an audit will show if and how an attack or vulnerability can be activated from within your company.

Its aim is to ascertain what kind of damages an outsider, a visitor for example, might manage to perform if left connected to the company networks for a few hours.

Navixia's has a long-standing experience of such audits. Contact us!

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Web Application AuditsThis audit will carefully check web applications. These are a potentially vulnerable entry point into your corporate network, because web application errors can often be leveraged to gain access to the network itself.

The methodology used by Navixia will provide a comprehensive overview of the security posture of one or several specified web application(s). Do call us!

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This thorough assessment of software code will detect potential security flaws in your existing applications.

Secure Code Review by NavixiaA large proportion of attacks take place by way of applications that contain insecure pieces of code. An insecure piece of code may cause a potential vulnerability and thus provide an entry point into your company infrastructure or data.

It is therefore highly recommended to identify such flaws before they can harm your systems. Navixia's experts are highly skilled at dissecting code according to approved security standards. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Code signing is the best and most recommended technical protection against malicious code.

Code Signing ServiceAfter your code has been subjected to a secure code review, a process which tests and validates any piece of code that is relevant to security, safety can be taken one step further: the code can be digitally signed so that it is "stamped" as secure.

Code signing aims at confirming the identity of the software author while guaranteeing that the code has not been tampered with or corrupted since it was last verified and signed.

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Automated Security Reviews

Our compact Automated Security Reviews monitor and analyse for a limited time specific areas of your IT infrastructure and make sure they are suitably protected against unwanted activities. 

A detailed report is issued at the end of the analysis process. Findings are presented and commented by one of our specialists, together with recommended remediation steps. Take advantage of our experience!

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Each company is unique.
We remain at your disposal at any time to discuss any audit-related issue in more detail or provide further information - without any engagement.

More about Security Assessments

Navixia performs security assessments tailored to your needs, which greatly improve the reliability of your network.

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