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Automated Security Reviews

picto_auditsNavixia offers relevant and compact packs of services, which greatly improve the reliability of your security environment at a very affordable cost.

By monitoring and analysing for a limited time specific areas of your IT infrastructure, our Automated Security Reviews aim at ensuring that they are suitably protected against unwanted activities.

A detailed report is issued at the end of the analysis process. Findings are presented and commented by one of our specialists, together with proposed remediation steps if and where relevant. 

Intrusion Prevention Review

Intrusion Prevention Assessment
Check your vulnerability to potential attackers with this audit performed from the inside of your network. To launch an attack, hackers need knowledge about a network's resources.

You will take the advantage over any attacker if you take time to evaluate the solidity of your network.  

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Traffic Risk Analysis

Traffic Risk Assessment

A detailed analysis of your network traffic will uncover any undetected vulnerabilities in your network.

You might believe you know all that is happening inside your IT perimeter... but you might be surprised. 

Navixia can help you check if everything is as it should be.

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Firewall Policy Review & Risk Analysis

Firewall Policy ReviewAre your firewalls configured to optimal performance? Do they run any potentially risky rules? Do they comply with IT risk regulations? 

This compact, practical assessment, available for the major brands of firewalls, will show you where you stand, and will propose corrective steps where appropriate. 


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Web Surfing Analysis

Web Surfing AssessmentWhile the internet brings positive returns to most companies, it also has many downsides. The most obvious are: easy access to web sites involving potential contamination of the corporate network, impact on bandwidth and hardware resources, and productivity loss due to non-business related surfing.

Navixia's semi-automated Web Surfing Review helps you deal with such issues.

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More about Security Assessments

Navixia performs security assessments tailored to your needs, which greatly improve the reliability of your network.

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