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picto internetThese assessments will carefully check web applications, which are a potentially vulnerable entry point into your corporate network.

Often, web application errors can be leveraged to gain access to the network itself. Besides, many applications store and/or use sensitive information, and proper controls must be in place to protect this data. The methodology used by Navixia will provide a comprehensive overview of the security posture of one or several specified web application(s).

A Web Application Assessment can be performed from various angles. Depending on your requirements and on the projected scope of the assessment, it can take place with a variable level of access to the targeted applications.

We follow a strict methodology based on the OWASP risk-evaluation standard.Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have singled-out a list of potentially tricky issues that should be checked to make sure your network is correctly protected. The idea is to identify and block any potential risk before it might become a liability to your business.

  • Preliminary discussion, aimed at defining the extent of the assessment based on your specific requirements and depending on what elements are most crucial to your security.
  • Implementation of all tests and analyses
  • Overall project management
  • Detailed report listing all issues identified during the assessment and their potential consequence for your security, as well as all recommended protective actions
  • Presentation and explanation of report contents
  • Our conclusions and recommendations.

An extreme level of reciprocal trust is necessary between the parties involved in a security assessment, which implies a number of preliminary discussions and very strict security guidelines.

Navixia is a renowned specialist in the field of security, and can rely on a team of senior professionals all with a long-standing experience in their respective field of activity. Some of them are widely recognised experts. They are daily confronted with the latest technological advances. Their respective expertise makes it possible to cover all aspects of security. Navixia can vouch for their absolute trustworthiness and their complete integrity.

Navixia subscribes to the principles of the international standard ISO 17799 (BS7799) – a code of practice for information security management.

You may also want to read our pdfinformation datasheet on web application security assessments.

For obvious reasons, no details of our assessment methods are listed in this page. The duration of an assessment depends on the extent of the area to assess.

Each company is unique.
We remain at your disposal at any time to discuss any assessment-related issue in more detail or provide further information - without any engagement.

More about Security Assessments

Navixia performs security assessments tailored to your needs, which greatly improve the reliability of your network.

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