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picto data leakIs your data potentially accessible to undesirable persons? Within your network? On the move on mobile devices or supports? How can you make sure that it remains safe, wherever it is? Navixia helps you.

Losing sensitive data can be a nightmare in more that one way. In recent times, a lot of media coverage was given to companies whose (very) sensitive data had been hacked or disclosed to the general public. As if losing their data had not been enough, they damaged their reputation as well. This shows how seriously the issue should be considered.

How can such data be protected ? 

Encrypting data means encoding it in such a way that hackers cannot read it, but that authorised parties can. This can be performed by way of hardware or software methods. If needed, encryption can even be made more complex to decode by the additional use of hashing and salting. If encrypted, a lost device, smartphone or USB key will not be readable by anyone but its owner.

DLP is pre-emptive protection of unintentional loss of sensitive information. This means being able to remediate problems in real-time, educating and alerting users without involving IT or Security personnel,  and inspecting and controlling data movements in areas identified as sensitive in the network architecture.

Handling such issues requires experience and hindsight.

Navixia can provide specialised and extremely effective solutions and advise you on the best approach to handle Data Security issues - to whatever extent is required in your organisation - in the best possible way.

Each company is unique.
We are at your disposal to discuss your particular situation with you at any time or provide further information - without any engagement.

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