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picto policy Make sure on a continuous basis that your organisation is adequately protected and complies with current risk regulations. Navixia helps.

Thanks to the approach proposed by Navixia, your company gets a better understanding of its IT risk position, which  you can monitor and control in real-time.

What results can you achieve ? You can identify the high-priority risk areas in your company. You can implement adequate solutions. You can control the risk exposure of your IT architecture and follow it up on a dashboard. And most importantly, you can control your strategy and protection accordingly. 

The eGRC approach, together with an innovative Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) process, is specially devised to fit the security needs of demanding organisations. We start with an in-depth business impact analysis and define the risks to monitor.These risks are then controlled and findings are analysed on a continuous basis.

This provides your company with a permanent IT risk supervision, supported by highly experienced security specialists. 

One of the key advantages of such an approach is the real-time global outlook of the company's situation visible from a central dashboard. The situation reports produced are clear and easy-to-read. 

Based on Navixia's extremely thorough experience in the field of security, we can provide hindsight, highly specialised support and recommendations and assist you as a competent partner in the risk governance of your IT architecture.

Take a look at our pdfdatasheet on Risk Reduction eGRC  (in French)

Each company is unique.
We remain at your disposal at any time to discuss your particular situation with you or provide further information - without any engagement.


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