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This course very concretely shows the risks related to an inadequate use of communication systems in daily activities - and how they could be avoided. It is designed to awaken the interest of any user of a corporate IT system.

Although a company needs to implement security solutions to protect its information system against internal and external risks, major security problems can be avoided by taking the human factor into enough consideration.

Navixia recommends that users should be placed at the center of the company's security strategy. Users should be clearly informed about the practices that are authorized or forbidden within the company's information system. They should also be made aware of the risks incurred by an inappropriate use of computer and communication systems.

To get a more concrete insight of the security awareness approach, read about the experience of Alpiq (previously Energie Ouest Suisse). Read our security awareness training case study in French).

  • This course addresses any user of the company's information system, with no prerequisites. 
  • The workshop is entirely adapted to the specific needs of your company. Vulnerability demonstrations are also suited to the technical level and interests of the audience.
  • The 2-to-3-hours workshop takes place at your premises. Theory is illustrated by practical demonstrations of attacks, which are meant to outline the dangers incurred by specific behaviors.
  • In order to ensure a lively interaction between the instructor and the participants, we recommend that the groups should be no larger than 20-30 people.
  • Logistical requirements are few, apart from a suitable training room. Check here for details.
  • Important note: any security awareness training should be introduced by a management executive, so as to show participants that the approach is fully supported by the hierarchy.

  • Introduction outlining the session's objectives, current information on security trends and specific factors.
  • Subjects such as: password management, viruses, e-mail usage (e-mail, webmail, instant messaging, etc.) and related risks, internet usage, workspace security, user responsibility, social engineering.
  • Questions and answers

You should account for a preparatory period before the sessions can take place: we will need to check your premises; the training will have to be adapted to the targeted participants; the message you want to convey to your users during the workshop will have to be discussed.

We are at your disposal for any further information - without any engagement.

Security Awareness Class

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